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Slipping Away

Follows on from Nightmares, which follows on from A Trip To Wonderland. Also backdated slightly to about a day after he visited the Nexus.

Victor looked at himself in the mirror, mentally steadying himself. Today he'd have to contact Alice and explain about his dreams. He probably should have done so yesterday, but he'd wanted to put April's lessons about mental blocks to use and get a good night's sleep beforehand. This was probably going to be a tough conversation. He took a deep breath. "Alice, I -- I'm afraid I have some b-bad news," he rehearsed. "I don't know why, but shortly after visiting Wonderland, I began to have these n-nightmares--"

Tentacles grabbing him, holding him in place

"Always about this -- this creature with tentacles. . . ."

Black eyes peering out of the darkness, shining with hatred

"And these horrible black eyes -- are there any m-monsters in Wonderland that look like that? I have no idea how one could get into my head, but -- but I--"


Victor squeezed his eyes shut, pulling up the mental blocks against the memories. "Alice, I'm scared," he whispered, though whether that was just another rehearsed line or him wishing she was here, he wasn't sure. "Why now?"

"Why not?"

Startled, Victor's eyes snapped open. His reflection stared back at him -- except --

Except it had pitch black eyes.

And then there was the sensation of something ripping through his defenses, something grabbing, something squeezing, something dragging. . . . He screamed briefly, then went limp against the sink. . . .

There was a knock on the front door. "Victor?" Doc's worried voice called. "Everything okay in there?"

He pulled himself back up, blinking a few times. "Fine," he called back in a slightly strangled voice, then swallowed and tried again. "Fine. Really."

Then he looked at his reflection again. Pitch black eyes stared back at him, and he smiled. "Just slipped a little."