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Victor Van Dort
9 June
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Not According To Plan
Victor Van Dort

Victor Van Dort was born June 9th, 1855, to Nell and William Van Dort in the small English fishing town of Burtonsville. His father was the very successful owner of the local cannery, and Victor grew up with plenty of money. However, his society-obsessed parents neglected him a tad, leading him to become a very shy and quiet child. Shunned by his peers, Victor's main hobbies were playing the piano, drawing, and studying butterflies and other insects.

At the age of 19, Victor found himself in an arranged marriage to Victoria Everglot, the daughter of Lord and Lady Everglot. The marriage was mainly for the parents' benefits -- the Van Dorts wanted the respectability of being related to nobility, while the Everglots desperately needed money to keep themselves out of the poorhouse. Victor, despite finding he liked Victoria, was understandably nervous about the wedding and kept fumbling his vows. Banished by the pastor until he learned them properly, he fled to the nearby woods to practice, finally getting them right as he placed the wedding ring on a hand-like branch.

Or, more accurately, on the skeletal hand of a corpse bride, who emerged from the ground to accept Victor's proposal. Victor, terrified, promptly fled, racing back to town -- and inadvertently stepping through the Rift. And then he got stuck in the Nexus. He has no luck.
But We All End Up The Remains of the Day

The Rift gifted Victor with a rather unusual power. Victor can enter a state of death-like suspended animation and manifest outside his body as a glowing green ghost. While he's out, his body shows no signs of life -- no breathing, no pulse, nada. His ghostform acts like most typical ghosts -- he feels icy cold to the touch, he can walk through walls, and he can handle objects like a poltergeist. He can even try possessing people, though it's very awkward for him and the person being possessed has a good chance of fighting him off. He automatically returns to his body if he touches it, or after a hour, whichever comes first.

The ability has an unusual side effect -- ghosts and undead things refuse to attack him. Somehow, he registers as one of their own.
A Grave Misunderstanding

Canon-wise, Victor's from the very beginning of the movie, right after he meets Emily but before she kisses him and takes him to the Land of the Dead. The Rift sucked him up right as he made it back to the bridge. Any questions about "Emily" or "The Land of the Dead" will be met with confusion.
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